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MOOV Relocation Mission Solutions Mobility Experience Geneva Switzerland Expertise


When moving with your family, there are a myriad of different priorities and time is precious.


We recognize that selecting a school can be complex, emotional and is a critical factor in influencing your decision on where to live. To help you we have designed a comprehensive solution that you can rely on.

There is no need to worry - at MOOV, we've done our homework to make sure your child's integration into school here goes as smoothly as possible:


  • Information on schooling processes and procedures in the Geneva area and its surroundings

  • Explanations on how the local education system works (French/English speaking - private/public)

  • Organising appointments, visiting schools and supporting you in your decision making 

  • Support throughout the enrolment and registration process for your child


At MOOV, we have the expertise, experience and proactiveness that you would expect of an independent company. We can fully focus on our individual clients in order to offer the most pragmatic and tailor-made solutions.

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