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At MOOV, we know that buying a property and becoming an owner can be one of life’s most emotional and stressful undertakings! It is also something that requires the right questions to be asked and a lot of patience to complete!  Rest assured, at MOOV we will be at your side every step of the way, to work with you to define your needs and objectives in order to select the investment that is as perfectly in line with your ambitions and your financial situation as it can be.

We do believe that in this undertaking, nothing needs to be improvised and that everything can be planned. In fact, we have made this our motto. Our personalised solution has been designed specifically to address this situation. It will enable you to discover all the options available to you, at each stage of your real estate project, in order to make the most of your assets over the long term. 

With MOOV, you can look forward to the future with confidence, and benefit from our expertise and knowledge right up to the signing of the deed of sale:

  • Property research according to your criteria and requirements

  • Selection and submission of available properties in line with your budget

  • Planning and organisation of your appointments according to a pre-established selection 

  • Accompanying you during property visits and supporting you in your decision 

  • Advice from experienced specialists to evaluate and determine the best possible financing solutions

  • Negotiation according to your instructions with the agency, the property management company or the owner of the chosen property

  • Signing the final deed of sale at the notary's office


Whatever the scale and nature of your projects, MOOV has all the required expertise and experience to support them from inception to conclusion.

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