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MOOV Relocation Mission Solutions Mobility Experience Geneva Switzerland Expertise


Because moving, and especially moving abroad, is not an adventure that you have every day, a preliminary and in-depth visit seems to us to be a pre-requisite in helping to address any doubts, to confirm your choice and to assure you in taking the step.


Our « orientation » solution is designed to meet these essential needs and to allow you to easily discover your new destination and to kick-start your new life here.

Simply tell us who you are and what you are looking for, then at MOOV we will help you with:

  • A comprehensive analysis of your needs, expectations and preferences to personalise your journey

  • A welcome and personalised tour of Geneva and its surroundings 

  • An introduction to the local culture, customs and practical information on living in the area

  • Detailed information on the local property market and its dynamics

  • An explanation of the different districts of the city of Geneva and communes of the canton of Geneva

  • Visits to a few available properties matching your requirements

      Option available through "home search"


At MOOV, we provide a full portfolio of mobility solutions to support you in getting established in your new destination.

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